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I know there is plenty of people out there in the Redding area who have been victims of the R.P.D. Redding Police Dept. Or The Shasta County Sheriff. We Desperately need your help! If you feel the Police were wrong in how the R.P.D. Or Shasta County Sheriff treated you, Or If you or someone you love or know was arrested and had False Charges , Police Misconduct or Entrapment by these "peace" officers, We need your stories. We are trying to get the Public's Attention, Media's Attention, And the Attorney General of California's Attention. These police, Sheriffs, Courts And D.A. Of Shasta county need to be investigated to the fullest for, Police misconduct, Rascal Profiling, Entrapment and False evidence just to name a few. There are many stories out there maybe you know of some? If so please leave us a comment! Empower yourself! Know your rights! (Please make sure you leave your stories! We need these to be able to send it into Attorney General's office and to other Government agencies.) THIS BLOG IS IN NO WAY TO PROMOTE POLICE HATRED. BUT IS TO GET THE TRUTH OUT. AND HOPE THE "BAD" OFFICERS STRAITEN UP THEIR CROOKED WAYS. Knowledge is power.

To make a complaint about a Officer or dept of police, Public defender, Lawyer or Judge etc.

*First start with filing a complaint with the department they work for, Example:( Redding Police officer, Write the complaint to Redding Police dept. A Shasta county Sheriff , Write the complaint to Shasta County Sheriff. ETC.) Then make 4 copies of each complaint. 1, For your Recodes (Your receipt) 2, For the District Attorney (DA)in your area Shasta county District Attorney, 3,For the Grand Jury in your area. In our Area it would be Shasta County Grand Jury. 4, for the Attorney General of California. Make sure if sending threw the mail you send it registered! That way someone will have to sign for it and they can not say that they never got it. Fax is also good keep your face page! If you do it Via foot work, ( Delivering them yourself) Make sure you give the complaint directly to the person who is above everyone else at the dept. Such as a Sargent, Manager etc.

The Grand Jury, Then the Attorney General & Lastly the Governor of California. ( We have tried to make a complaint to the Shasta county D.A. About their officers, But they refused to except any complaints. * I wonder why. )

Contact theAttorney General of California & The Governor of California, To Stop Police Misconduct!

Please contact these Officials and voice your opinion about the Police Misconduct In Shasta County. There is power in numbers! We can put a stop to this. Even if bad Police loose their jobs!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA. 95814 Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160 ( new number )http://gov.ca.gov/interact#emailhttp://ag.ca.gov/

Attorney General's Office California Department of Justice Attn: Public Inquiry Unit P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Voice: (916) 322-3360
(Toll-free in CA)(800) 952-5225

Fax: (916) 323-5341

California Relay Service:(For Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Callers)TTY/TDDDial 711 orEnglish

TTY/TDD(800) 735-2929Spanish

TTY/TDD(800) 855-3000

Voice(800) 735-2922

Outside of California: Please contact your state's relay service number,
available from the FCC's Telecommunications Relay Services Directory


Grand Jury of Shasta County
Contact Information
P.O. Box 992086
Redding, CA 96099-2086
Phone: (530) 225-5098


Make a complaint about a Public Defender or Lawyer.

Go here and print out a complaint form with the


Or call:

Complaints Against Attorneys 1-800-843-9053 (toll free in California)

213-765-1200 (from outside California)


Fileing a complaint about a Judge in Ca. Go to this link below.



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I have managed to round up the most helpful info I could possibly find to help put a stop Law enforcement misconduct & corruption! This info is for you if you have ever had your civil rights violated by law enforcement any where in California! This info will also be extremely important to you even if you have never had a problem with law enforcement and you just want to help put a stop to the corruption. And also if you have a loved one or know someone who is having or has had problems with law enforcement.
If you feel you are not being treated fairly by law enforcement or you think law enforcement has been misconductful,
Please call
and tell them the story.
THE CIVIL LIBERTY'S UNION - (415) 621-2488
They may tell you to also write a letter to the Government in Washington D.C.
at this address:
U.S. Department of Justice Civil rights Division
Special litigation section
Pennsylvania Ave.
NW Washington DC.
I was also told by the Civil Liberty's Union that anyone whom is fed up with the law enforcement corruption here in Shasta County should get together as a group and go to the Shasta County Supervisors meetings and speak up together. I was advised not to go alone, but as a group.
This will get some eyes open to the law enforcement's misconducts and let them know that we as a community will not stand by and just watch as they
bully us around attack us or our loved ones any longer. If you are willing to go to the meeting and let them know what you have been threw, your loved one's have been threw. what you have seen that law enforcement has done wrong. Please let us know by emailing us with a way we can get a message to you email, phone number etc. And when we think we have enough people and know of a date, time & place a Shasta County Supervisor meeting is taking place we will contact you ahead of time to let you know. we really need to make this a R.S.V.P, So we know we will have enough people to attend. We will also post the time, date and place on here as soon as we know them.
There is power in numbers! Stand up Shasta County and get heard!
I also have a handbook I would like you to have if you are concerned about police misconduct, I was given this by the Civil Liberty's union. it has about 50 pages! it tells you everything you need to know and what you have to do to fix the problem you might have with law enforcement (This handbook has a list of county's which it was meant for. But I was told that it would help us as well.)
Since it is so long And I have no way of putting it up on our blog. I will send it to you via Email for free. All you have to do is Email us and ask for it. Click this red link to email us! At

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Story about RPD!

Is Redding Police Department above reproach?
Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Redding Police Department has had a disturbing pattern of protecting themselves when they are involved in irresponsible behavior.
Three incidents, particularly, come to mind. About ten years ago, a 17-year-old, who was my son’s best friend, was tragically killed in a traffic accident involving an RPD officer at Starlight and Buenaventura.
The court found the officer at fault, and the family was awarded damages. It was the largest judgment ever against the city of Redding.
But to this day, the family has not received a single offer of condolence or apology from the Police Department. The officer was not officially reprimanded for his careless, irresponsible action— is the Redding Police Department above the law?
The second incident was a year and a half ago when a member of the RPD recklessly drove his son (who had been injured in a sports accident) down Highway 44 at speeds approaching 90 mph.
The vehicle overturned and the boy was thrown out, causing much more serious injuries to the boy. Anyone else might have been charged with child endangerment. However, no charges were filed against the officer.
“We think he may have fainted,” was the RPD representative’s explanation for why the officer was not held responsible. You can’t have it both ways: Either the guy has a medical condition (fainting) that would prevent him from effectively doing his job; or he behaves erratically and panics in an emergency situation, which also means he should be taken off the force. Is the Redding Police Department above the law?
The third was more recent, when a 4-year-old boy accidentally shot himself with his father’s unlocked handgun. Anytime a family loses a child like this, it is an unspeakable tragedy, and my heart goes out to them. We have strict laws about firearms, which are meant to prevent such tragedies.
I think that whenever a young child gets hold of a loaded gun, it involves gross negligence. Police officers have received a great deal of training in the safe use of weapons, and should be held to an even higher standard. But no charges were filed. Is the Redding Police Department above the law?
I have lost confidence in the local law enforcement because of this pattern of giving themselves immunity when they are involved in irresponsible acts.
Steven Ray


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% about the immunity! Its a shame the police get immunity on everything. It is almost like, If you want to kill people and get away with it. You have to become a cop. SAD! They really haven't helpped the community a whole lot. They cause more problems then they do good. Who will save us from our crupt cops?

Anonymous said...

We have something in common. RPD is very corrupt. I have many stories to share.

If you would like to meet and confer, I can be contacted through Lucky Donuts at Westwood Village.

Ask to get in touch with Daryl's brother.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of these momma's boys punks, but I just don't like my address or number being public.

Policing the Police of Redding Ca. said...

You should come with us to a supervisor meeting! we need as many people as we can get!