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I know there is plenty of people out there in the Redding area who have been victims of the R.P.D. Redding Police Dept. Or The Shasta County Sheriff. We Desperately need your help! If you feel the Police were wrong in how the R.P.D. Or Shasta County Sheriff treated you, Or If you or someone you love or know was arrested and had False Charges , Police Misconduct or Entrapment by these "peace" officers, We need your stories. We are trying to get the Public's Attention, Media's Attention, And the Attorney General of California's Attention. These police, Sheriffs, Courts And D.A. Of Shasta county need to be investigated to the fullest for, Police misconduct, Rascal Profiling, Entrapment and False evidence just to name a few. There are many stories out there maybe you know of some? If so please leave us a comment! Empower yourself! Know your rights! (Please make sure you leave your stories! We need these to be able to send it into Attorney General's office and to other Government agencies.) THIS BLOG IS IN NO WAY TO PROMOTE POLICE HATRED. BUT IS TO GET THE TRUTH OUT. AND HOPE THE "BAD" OFFICERS STRAITEN UP THEIR CROOKED WAYS. Knowledge is power.

To make a complaint about a Officer or dept of police, Public defender, Lawyer or Judge etc.

*First start with filing a complaint with the department they work for, Example:( Redding Police officer, Write the complaint to Redding Police dept. A Shasta county Sheriff , Write the complaint to Shasta County Sheriff. ETC.) Then make 4 copies of each complaint. 1, For your Recodes (Your receipt) 2, For the District Attorney (DA)in your area Shasta county District Attorney, 3,For the Grand Jury in your area. In our Area it would be Shasta County Grand Jury. 4, for the Attorney General of California. Make sure if sending threw the mail you send it registered! That way someone will have to sign for it and they can not say that they never got it. Fax is also good keep your face page! If you do it Via foot work, ( Delivering them yourself) Make sure you give the complaint directly to the person who is above everyone else at the dept. Such as a Sargent, Manager etc.

The Grand Jury, Then the Attorney General & Lastly the Governor of California. ( We have tried to make a complaint to the Shasta county D.A. About their officers, But they refused to except any complaints. * I wonder why. )

Contact theAttorney General of California & The Governor of California, To Stop Police Misconduct!

Please contact these Officials and voice your opinion about the Police Misconduct In Shasta County. There is power in numbers! We can put a stop to this. Even if bad Police loose their jobs!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA. 95814 Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160 ( new number )http://gov.ca.gov/interact#emailhttp://ag.ca.gov/

Attorney General's Office California Department of Justice Attn: Public Inquiry Unit P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Voice: (916) 322-3360
(Toll-free in CA)(800) 952-5225

Fax: (916) 323-5341

California Relay Service:(For Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Callers)TTY/TDDDial 711 orEnglish

TTY/TDD(800) 735-2929Spanish

TTY/TDD(800) 855-3000

Voice(800) 735-2922

Outside of California: Please contact your state's relay service number,
available from the FCC's Telecommunications Relay Services Directory


Grand Jury of Shasta County
Contact Information
P.O. Box 992086
Redding, CA 96099-2086
Phone: (530) 225-5098


Make a complaint about a Public Defender or Lawyer.

Go here and print out a complaint form with the


Or call:

Complaints Against Attorneys 1-800-843-9053 (toll free in California)

213-765-1200 (from outside California)


Fileing a complaint about a Judge in Ca. Go to this link below.



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I have managed to round up the most helpful info I could possibly find to help put a stop Law enforcement misconduct & corruption! This info is for you if you have ever had your civil rights violated by law enforcement any where in California! This info will also be extremely important to you even if you have never had a problem with law enforcement and you just want to help put a stop to the corruption. And also if you have a loved one or know someone who is having or has had problems with law enforcement.
If you feel you are not being treated fairly by law enforcement or you think law enforcement has been misconductful,
Please call
and tell them the story.
THE CIVIL LIBERTY'S UNION - (415) 621-2488
They may tell you to also write a letter to the Government in Washington D.C.
at this address:
U.S. Department of Justice Civil rights Division
Special litigation section
Pennsylvania Ave.
NW Washington DC.
I was also told by the Civil Liberty's Union that anyone whom is fed up with the law enforcement corruption here in Shasta County should get together as a group and go to the Shasta County Supervisors meetings and speak up together. I was advised not to go alone, but as a group.
This will get some eyes open to the law enforcement's misconducts and let them know that we as a community will not stand by and just watch as they
bully us around attack us or our loved ones any longer. If you are willing to go to the meeting and let them know what you have been threw, your loved one's have been threw. what you have seen that law enforcement has done wrong. Please let us know by emailing us with a way we can get a message to you email, phone number etc. And when we think we have enough people and know of a date, time & place a Shasta County Supervisor meeting is taking place we will contact you ahead of time to let you know. we really need to make this a R.S.V.P, So we know we will have enough people to attend. We will also post the time, date and place on here as soon as we know them.
There is power in numbers! Stand up Shasta County and get heard!
I also have a handbook I would like you to have if you are concerned about police misconduct, I was given this by the Civil Liberty's union. it has about 50 pages! it tells you everything you need to know and what you have to do to fix the problem you might have with law enforcement (This handbook has a list of county's which it was meant for. But I was told that it would help us as well.)
Since it is so long And I have no way of putting it up on our blog. I will send it to you via Email for free. All you have to do is Email us and ask for it. Click this red link to email us! At

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Monday, November 17, 2008

I know there is plenty of people out there in the Redding area who have been victims of the R.P.D. Redding Police Dept. Or The Shasta County Shreiff.

We Desperately need your help! If you feel the Police were wrong in how the R.P.D. Or Shasta County Sheriff treated you, Or If you or someone you love or know was arrested and had False Charges , Police Misconduct or Entrapment by these "peace" officers, We need your storeys. We are trying to get the Public's Attention, Media's Attention, And the Attorney General of California's Attention. These police, Sheriffs,Courts And D.A. Of Shasta county need to be investigated to the fullest for, Police misconduct, Rascal Profiling, Entrapment and False evidence just to name a few. There are many storeys out there maybe you know of some? If so please leave us a comment! These so called officials need NOT to be exempt from the law. If they are doing wrong they need to be prosecuted just like anyone else. The more the media hears about the better. We need the pubic's attention NOW! There are innocent people in Shasta county jail as I speck. We can pull together as a community and get our voices heard! There is power in numbers! DO NOT BE ASHAMED OR INTIMIDATED, Intimidation is why they continue to get away with what they do! I never in my life thought all the storeys I personally herd were true, Until the police misconduct hit my family! And even if this is not you yet, It very well could be very soon. Shasta County is Building a new jail, And are looking for money to do it with.The D.A. gets paid to lie, They get paid for every case they win! This means that many Innocent people are being incarcerated as well. Get educated about Civil Law! We should not be living in fear of those who are suppose to protect and serve us! The law is not what it use to be and there is a lot of lien cops out there! Please come forward. We can not do this with out you. Thank you!
Please keep comments strictly about Misconduct of Justice in Shasta County.
Do not quote anyone. Do not be disrespectful towards any one's experiences or Storeys. This support page is not to be used as a chatline. ABSOLUTELY NO RACIST COMMENTS PERMITTED. The Monitor will delete all comments that defy the rules of this support page.
You can also reach us at: stopbadcops@rocketmail.com to leave more personal information. Such as your Email address and first initial and last name. So we can get in contact with you, When we finally have enough storeys that can be sent into the Attorney Generals Office. When emailing please be sure to let us know what user name you used on the is support page, Or what story you contributed. (This way no one can say all these storeys were from the same source.)
Once again thank you so much for your interest and most of all Thank you for your contribution!


unfair said...

A couple weeks ago my daughter was playing outside our apartment when some kids were throwing rocks... one of the rocks hit a neighbor's apartment... The man of the apartment came out yelling at all the kids so they all took of running except my daughter and another little boy he grabbed both of them and threw them on the ground my daughter got up and was scared so she tried to run away and when she did he grabbed her by her arm and threw her down again and told her and the other little boy the weren't going anywhere. He was putting them under citizen arrest well some of the kids who seen everything that had happend came and knock on my door and told me what happend I walked around to the back of my apartment and see my daughter sitting on a log with the little boys around her and called my daughters name and told her to come here.. she was crying ang got up to walk to me but then sat down again so I said baby get over here right now and she say no mommie I can't this man won't let me come to you... I said what man baby as I was walking towards ever I seen this man standing in his apartment door and I say to her come here baby.. I picked her up and seen the fear in her eyes and she showed me her arm where he had grabbed her and her arm was swallen red and had his finger prints indented on it... I flipped out how can a man who is like 6ft tall 300 pounds grabbed my 7 year old daughter scare the death out of her and hurt her like that... I got in a figt with the man and his wife.... when the police came they would not even listen to my side of the story.. my daughter and they other little boy told the officer what had happend and they said that the childrens story was not accreditable because by the time the police had got there my daughter's arm was not red anymore but it was still swallen....
I ended up getting arrest... when I told the police officers that I wanted to press charges against the man for assulting my daughter and holding her there against her own will they said that they would put in the police report and let the DA decided to press charges against him and took me to jail... let me tell you it has been the fist time I have ever been in trouble the fist time I've ever been to jail.. when I pulled into the jail there was a mexican man handcuffed to a pole with 5 shreiff's standing around him pepper spaying him and calling him racial names the police officer took me to a room and sat me on a bench well she finished the report once she was done they took me into booking and sat me in a cell...my eyes face and throat were burning so bad from the pepper spray I told the gard I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the pepper spray he told me I just had to sit there and deal with... so I tried to was my face in the sink to help the burning once they did my finger prints and got me booked they said that they would release me and I could call for a ride home so I called my parents and let them know what was going on about 6:30 a gard came back to my cell and said I get to come home and had my papers on our way walking to a door another gard says to her did you get the sargs approval before you take her out and says no and takes me to a little room and leaves me there for about an hour I see her walk over to a door and talk to someone and then she comes back and says the sarg said you can't leave inless you get on bail and I was like what at that point I was crying I need to be with my daughter she was hurt and scared so I asked if I could speak to him by then another 45 mins go by and I see him standing at a desk and say to him from this little window can I please talk to you he walks over and say what what do you want so I explain how the said I could be released once I was booked that I had already been there for several hours and how my daughters was and then he says to me I don't I don't what happend to you and your daughter... you need to sit there intell you get bail and realize that you can't go around assulting white people... I got bailed out a hour after that when I got home my eyes were so swallen and my face was bright red that I couldn't even sleep that night because it was burning so bad.
my mom has been calling the police department and then man who is under the captin told my mom that the man who assulted my daughter had every right told hold her there and have no pressed any charges against him and I still have to go to court for the charges they had filed against me.. I feel that because I am a native amercian women and the man in his wife where white that I have been treated on faily....
I have had to send my daughter to live with a family member because she was scared to go outside our apartment for days she would wake up in the middle of the night with night mares and tell me that she was tramatized if a 7 yeard old girl knows what has happend to her is wrong how can the police department not wanna protect her

Anonymous said...

That was my husband that they were being abuseive to. Thank you unfair. Atleast someone seen it. Now they cant lie anymore anout all the abuse that happened to him. I think they need a fedaral Investagation.I have already contacted the Goverment about it. Im sorry you had to go threw that crap Mam, They are just a bunch of bullys, and anyone who says their not needs thier head checked. Please Mam can you contact me some how, I would like to hear more. And please dont be scared, Only because people are scared to speck up this shit continues to happen. Im not scared. I will along with an army of people will get justace. Enough bully B.S. They need to get rid of these officers who lie, plant false eveidance,and who are guilty of Abuse, Misconduct & Entrapment.total cruption!!!

Anonymous said...

OPPS! I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU MY EMAIL, PLEASE CONTACT ME UNFAIR. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP FOR MY HUSBANDS SAKE. THAT WAS NOT THAT ONLY TIME HE WAS BEATEN AND ABUSED UP THERE. They are just a bunch od rasicts and hate anyone who dosent have white skin. I think Im going to just call them the KKK.


D.D. said...

Yes it was my husband. Thank you Unfair! If you ever visit this blog again please click on my username and come visit my blog , there are pictures of my husband and our daughter. I would be really happy if you could message me. My husband has never been the same after the abuse. Not only was he handcuffed and pepper spayed but he was tazered as well and smacked on. I would even do that to a dog. And all these people like to belive that law enforsement is so good. But they truly do not know the truth. I have never been involved with the police. But what I have seen here in Redding has made me ill. My heart goes out to you as well miss. I truely know what you have been threw with the rasict crap up here. I really hope you and your baby have recovered from the things that happend to you. I know its totally unforgiveable, As I will not forgive eather. I stand behind you, If you ever want to talk, vent or police bash im here for you. Bless you and your family.